I hope you don't mind. But I saw your post about "not lashing out at people if they don't want to date you" and I have a personal experience of it. Last year, I met two boys. One was a boy of my dreams who I fell in love with and another who became obsessive and 'in love with me'. I ended up dating who I loved while the other boy kept trying to ruin our relationship, trying to "kill himself" constantly and making me cry. Eventually the boy and I broke up and the obsessive ended up raping me...

oh my god, anon I am so incredibly sorry. :( that is way more horrific than any of my experiences, but every time any guy has started to become weirdly obsessive with me I fear something like this could happen and it genuinely makes me afraid of men sometimes. I hope you at least have found some way of keeping away from that terrible excuse for a human if you didn’t report him for raping you. people like that are just leeches and deserve no sympathy, all my concern is that you find some way to heal and be safe.

men of tumblr

women of tumblr

it’s tough being rejected by someone, especially someone you may like a lot.

but don’t ever lash out at that person because they don’t want to date you. if someone doesn’t want to date you, then they can’t be right for you anyway.

and don’t pull the suicide card, that’s pretty fucking low.